1.Strengthen our team:

We want to live experiences built and forged by us. We work with a feminist view and actions.

Constantly we recover our knowledge and practices to learn from them.

We strengthen our capabilities as a team.

We build alliances with various institutions, organizations and people working to create more fair and respectful relationships between women and men.


2.Share the knowledge to achieve more liberties

We dream and make our dreams come true with others. We share our experiences to contribute to the construction of democratic values ​​such as social justice, gender equality and human rights.

We form feminist leaders through processes of training, sensitization and internships.

We reform, train and strengthen: Researchers, students and feminist analysts, also social actors. We are promoting participatory research processes to empower women. Beginning with the feminist perspective and action, among others we teach the base of human rights – feminisms – women’s progress – social justice – sexual health and reproductive health – education in democratic values ​​- community development.


3.Install Feminism

Our aim: a new democracy through the construction and / or application of norms and public policies that guarantee equality between men and women, social justice and the exercise of human rights.

We are realising lobbying with authorities and decision makers. Permanently we observe to ensure compliance with laws and commitments that protect women’s rights and improve their quality of life.

We strengthen the experiences of the women’s and feminist movements so that together we can produce the changes that the community, the region and the country require.

Activly we participate and commit  in alternative spaces and expressions of social movements, because our philosophy and position in respect of life, power, redistribution of wealth, access and community control empowers citizens. We hope to contribute to freedom. Let us build better days and nights.