Guadalupe Pérez Cabrera

Activist, militant, left-winger, fighter, progressive. With a strong conviction she exercises daily her autonomy in a tireless struggle for the rights of women. Her political attitude allows her not only to reflect and analyse the context, but also to picture achievements and consequences.

Tireless, creative, unstoppable, full of dreams and plans she forms a contagious dynamism, that strengthens and excites the team of Colectivo Rebeldía from where she works every day for that other possible world that dreams for all.


Mery Camargo Roca

Competent, collaborative, orderly, proactive, always enthusiastically supporting in all tasks, from the simplest to the most complex. Feminist companion who gives her life to the causes and agendas of women with a revolutionary spirit and great commitment. Woman from the city, woman from the countryside, a woman of world with a sense of equality and rebelliousness contributing her wisdom to the colleagues that need it the most.


Catalina Rodríguez Zeballos

Tireless fighter against the injustices of capitalism, contributing from various spaces in the construction of her biggest dream: to have a large, diverse and just Latin American homeland. Being a passionate communicator by vocation,  for 17 years she was in charge of the radio program of Colectivo Rebeldía «Palabra de Mujer», giving her voice to the demands of women without fear but rebellion. Her greatest passion involves the Bolivian Chaco and her identity.


Consuelo Camacho Vedia

Free, rebellious and independent. Was born in the Bolivian garden ‘Tarija’. Feminist, courageous, fighter, social worker with great capacities to relate, forming alliances and complicities with adult women and adolescents with whom she supports unconditonally. They can put anything on her strong shoulder in every kind of situation, no matter how complicated it might seem to be. Everything she does, she does with commitment, dedication and effort obtaining the recognition of those who know it.


Viviana Rodríguez Barrancos

Companion, social communicator, researcher, activist, feminist and human rights defender. A friend who transmits affection, joy and rebelliousness. She inspires the struggle that leads to transformations for all. Filled with love for life, she spends solidarity to the rhythm of cumbias, providing all those who know her with a comforting wink to their hearts, with her photographic eye she is rising and jumping over obstacles, leaving traces, opening a paradigm of rights, equality and justice in personal, familiar and work-related areas.


Wacolda Terceros

With a soft voice and a look that says it all she lives surrounded by papers and numbers. Fighting, hard-working, responsible, disciplined, capable of facing any obstacle on which she might stumble along the way. She assumes the administrative vanguard with great passion, commitment and transparency, proactively facing every single one of her tasks which go further than addition and subtraction. She also expresses her commitment in the struggle for the rights of women.


Teresa Alarcón Rodríguez

Sociologist, feminist, activist for human rights, progressive, internationalist and convinced of solidarity among peoples. She is a writer and artist that thrives to discover and meet herself. She is precise and obsessive with the words, that she says, writes, reads and listens. Although she is heard as the voice for and of the young, she can withstand the old battle with much ambition and authenticity. She is a cinephile, a very charismatic person with whom you can spend pleasant moments.


Líbert Boris Romero

Impossible not to think of the Caribbean flavor to refer to a partner like him, who, when he perfomes on the dance floor, puts all his passion to demonstrate all the skills that he carries under the skin, the same passion that shows up day by day defying the traditional masculine raw model from a feminist approach while he is constructing new values ​​as far as masculinity is concerned. Always positive, supportive, authentic and seeking freedom for all women – with us, demonstrating every day that it is possible to have men as feminist partners.


Moira Rimassa Paz

„Piquetera“ of any age feminist activist who in marches and demonstrations discovers spaces of pleasure that violate the order, her commitments for a dignified life for women are located in all areas and are specified in bodies and sexualities. Sje is an expert in creating capacity to generate rebelliousness, alliances and complicities between women in daily struggles and structural ones against patriarchy.


Sinthia Suárez Escalante

Sensitive Cotoqueña (born in Cotoca), party girl, solidary and cheerful, attends her work with a high spirit of collaboration and responsibility, always attentive to the personal and institutional needs of those who are integrated in this team. She is kind, respectful and warm with everyone who approaches the Colectivo Rebeldía, showing commitment to the feminist cause.


Lorena Vaca Franco

Sweet, collaborative, patient, companion and friend, iable to transfer administrative and accounting skills that helps to improve the tasks of the whole team. She is very responsible with the fulfillment of institutional commitments moving the most important papers and procedures with art and dynamism.